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Pot Production

Elite Peat Pots are an excellent alternative for growers, rather than waiting for another year to establish your vineyard with dormant grapevines. Elite Peat Pots give greater flexibility, allowing growers to get supply contracts secured quickly by planting earlier. Elite peat pots allow more planning opportunities with wineries who are making later planting decisions, and are unable to secure dormant grapevines because they needed to be order one year earlier.

Elite Nursery Pot System

Over the last few years Elite has been trialling a new pot system from OSLO in Norway. This new peat pot system has many advantages over the old plant banded cardboard pot.

  • Greater root development resulting in more rapid establishment of the Grapevine. Roots grown immediately out from the wall of the pot, rather than trying to find a hole, as in the plant band pot.
  • No drying out as the water passes through the peat wall, unlike the plant band pot that tends to wick water away from the inside of the pot.
  • The peat pot is shorter than the plant band pot allowing for easier water-jetting in of the peat pot.
  • Lime and low ammonium fertiliser is added to the peat pot and adjusted to approximately 5.3 pH.
  • Peat pot is wrapped in a thin, bio-degradable net.

Graftlings grown in plastic tray making handling easy.
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Root development at 4 weeks.
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Root development using the Elite Pot System.
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Root development using a standard Plant Band Pot.
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Comparative Root Development showing the advantages of using the Elite Pot System.
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Contact Elite Nursery to discuss your peat pot requirements.