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Elite Peat Pots
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Products Provided
Elite Nursery provide a full range of Grapevine products and services for the Australian industry.
Own Rooted dormant vines
Grafted dormant vines
Comparison between Tall Grafted dormant vines and Grafted dormant vines.
Some of the products and services available include:
Own Rooted dormant vines.
Grapevine cultivars are grown for one year in our field nursery on their own roots. These vines are disbudded in the lower section of the stick to encourage stronger top growth with larger shoots. Upon lifting during dormancy they are graded and bundled into either packs of 25 or 50 vines and stored in cold store until delivery to customers in spring.
Grafted dormant vines.
A large range of grafted vines are available from Elite Nursery. Grafted vines are bench grafted in late winter and callused for planting in the field nursery in spring each year. Grafted vines are trimmed approximately 3 times during the growing season to ensure optimum growth and shoot thickness. A Fertigation program maximises carbohydrate storage at dormancy. Graftlings are lifted during July each year and subjected to graft union pressure tests and grading before packing in bundles of 25 or 50 graftlings and cold stored awaiting delivery to growers the following spring.
Tall-Grafted dormant vines.
Tall Grafted vines are treated in a similar way to the grafted dormant vines.
Elite Peat Pots.
Pot orders are grafted during June and grown in our hot houses until September. They are then taken through a progressional change of environment until they are fully adapted and growing in full sun. Once sun harden they are available for delivery to growers.
Callused Sticks.
Elite callus a large amount of grapevine cuttings for growers each year. Callused cuttings are done in 1.2metre square boxes and callusing takes place in are hot rooms. This means that Elite can time the delivery of your callused sticks to your planting schedule.
Green Misted Vines.
Elite can bulk up rare or in limited supply grapevines to make larger numbers more readily available to growers for planting. This service results in green or dormant pots depending on intra-state plant movement requirements.
Single Bud Propagation.
Along with Elite’s callusing expertise is the opportunity to propagate large numbers of vines by undertaking single bud callusing and potting on.