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Tall Grafts Exclusive to Elite Nursery in Australia

Tall grafts are produced by grafting the selected scion onto a 800-900mm long rootstock. This results in a one year old grafted vine that reaches a planted height just under most cordon wires.

Advantages of Elite Nursery Tall Grafts
  • No guards required as vine will be 700-800mm high
  • Almost no feathering required as rootstock is disbudded prior to grafting
  • Rabbit and Hare tolerant
  • No training up string
  • Large crop in second year of growth without compromising long term health of vine
  • Easy to spray herbicides as leaves are well clear from ground

Lisa Farquhar grafting tall grafts. You can see the normal length grafts on the other side of the table.
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Tall grafts planted in the field nursery, normal length grafts just to the left.
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Shiraz tall grafts planted at 9 weeks with normal length Shiraz grafts in the background. (Barossa Valley)
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Shiraz tall grafts at 1 year & 9 weeks. Vine fully laden with bunches and no suckering as the tall rootstock has already been disbudded.
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Normal length Shiraz grafts at 1 year & 9 weeks. Vines with no bunches, less development and typical suckering from scion resulting in high annual labour costs.
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